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Hiroki Kojima: Information Theoretical Approaches to Dyadic Human Interactions


Olaf Witkowski. Evolution of Coordination and Communication in Groups of Embodied Agents, Published as PhD thesis, Library for Engineering and Information Science & Technology, University of Tokyo. Japan. March 2015.


Kenta Suzuki: Structural instability, multiple stable states and hysteresis in food webs.

Yuta Ogai: Constructive Research of Active Perception by Cognitive Experiment and Simulation Using Neural Networks.


Ken Suzuki: Propagational Investment Currency SYstem (PICSY): Proposing a New Currency System Using Social Computing.

Salzberg Christopher: Community Translation in a Multilingual Online Environment: Case Study and Theoretical Framework

Kohei Nakajima: Theory of Active Cognition Based on Sensorimotor Coupling System.

Duraid Madina: Computer Architecture for Compute-Limited Scientific Models.


Hiroki Matsuno: Self-maintained Movements of Droplets with Convection Flow.


Etsushi Nameda: Dynamical Systems Approach to the Busy Beaver Problem.

Gentaro Morimoto: Exploration and Categorization in Dynamical Systems Models of Active Perception.

Keisuke Suzuki: Self-movement and Autopoiesis in a Cell Model.


Ryoko Uno: Detecting and Sharing Perspectives Using Causals: A Case of Japanese Causals.


Kazutoshi Sasahara: Evolution of Complexity and Diversity in Simulated Birdsong Grammars.


Hiroyuki Iizuka: Subjective Coupling and Embodied Cognition in Simulated Vehicles.


Gen Masumoto: The Lambda Game System: an approach to a meta-game.


Naoaki Ono: Artificial Chemistry: Computational studies on the emergence of self-reproducing unit.

Koh Hashimoto: Numerical Studies on Complex Behavior in Replicator Dynamics.


Koji Harada: Dynamic Estblishment of Natural Torelance in an Immune Network System.

Yuzuru Sato:Logic and Computation in Dynamical Systems.

Before 1999

Shin I. Nishimura: Simulated Group Motion of Artifichial Animals.

Eken S. Yoshikawa: Evolution of Mutualism in a Host-Parasite Game Dynamics System.

Takashi Hashimoto: Evolution of Code and Communication in Dynamical Networks.