Invited Talks

Takashi Ikegami, Between Man and Machine, Daiwa Foundation Japan House, December 2021[Link] [Offloaded Agency]

Takashi Ikegami, Atsushi Masumori, Norihiro Maruyama, Can Mutual Imitation Generate Open-Ended Evolution? Alife2021, June 2021 [PDF][Link] [Offloaded Agency]

Takashi Ikegami, Offloaded Agency:エージェンシーはインストールされる, CHAIN ACADEMIC SEMINAR, August 2019[Link] [Offloaded Agency]

Takashi Ikegami, Default mode network in the Web dynamics at the 2nd Discussion Symposium on Artificial Life and Biomimetic Functional Materials, Sapporo, December 2012.

Takashi Ikegami, Living Technology: Affordance, Computation and Time, at MICRO WAVE, Hong Kong, November 2012.

Takashi Ikegami, Mind Time Machine as a Living Technology at Meta.Morf 2012, Trondheim September 2012.

Takashi Ikegami, Maximalism at TEDxTokyo, Tokyo, June 2012.

Takashi Ikegami, The Evolution of Chemical Replicators and the Autonomous Sensor Network at Symposium of Origins of Infomration Processing: Evolution at Mutliple Levels, Utecht, May 2012.

Takashi Ikegami, The Default Mode Network of the Brain, Transfer Entropy Network and Information Turbulence in the Web., Brighton, Februrary 2012.

Takashi Ikegami, Workshop on "Emergence of communication. From artificial agents to human experiments", Plymouth, Februrary 2012.

Takashi Ikegami, Google Tech Talk, Mountain View, January 2012.

Takashi Ikegami, Computer Vision. New Zealand, November 2011.

Takashi Ikegami, 京都大学国際 Forum「新たな知の統合に向けて」, 京都, October 2011.

Takashi Ikegami, JAWS (合同エージェントワークショップ) 熱海, October 2011.

Takashi Ikegami: Design for Living Technology: Exploring Autonomy and Sustainability in Artificial Life Systems in the Real World, ICMC2011 Italy, September 2011

Takashi Ikegami, A workshop at the International Conference on Unconventional Computation: with Spatio-temporal Dynamics, Tokyo, June 23-24, 2010.

Takashi Ikegami, The Second International symposium on Computational Neuroscience, June 18, KIST, Seoul, Korea, 2010.

Takashi Ikegami, International Workshop on Architecture at Artificial Life XII, Odense, Denmark, August 19, 2010.

Takashi Ikegami, International Workshop on Self-Sustaining systems (S3), keynote. Tokyo, September 27-28, 2010.

Takashi Ikegami: The Origin of Life and the Self-moving Droplet at What is Evolution? organized by Murase, Kyoto, Japan, 2009.

Takashi Ikegami: Is Life an Emergent property? at The Origin of Life” conference. organized by Luisi Luigi, San Sebastian, Spain, 2009.

池上高志, 生命とは何か, 人とは何か, ダーウィン生誕200年記念ワークショップ(奈良女子大)

Takashi Ikegami. Artificial Life is Dead, Artificial Life XI ( Winchester, UK)keynote, 2008.

池上高志, Making Autonomous Movementin Computer and Chemistry, 2008.

Takashi Ikegami: From Chaos to Cosmos: Integration in Biological Systems : sponsored by Yamada Science Foundation 3, Shouna, Japan, 2007.

Takashi Ikegami, International School on Complexity: Course on Statistical Physics of Social Dynamics: Opinions, Semiotic Dynamics, and Language. Erice, Italy, 2007.

Takashi Ikegami: Language, Evoluiton and Brain. Nara, 2008.

Takashi Ikegami, International Conference on Morphological Computation, Venezia, Italy, 2007.

Takashi Ikegami, Modeling Autonomy Workshop. San Sebastian, Spain, 2007.