Welcome to Ikegami Laboratory

In this laboratory, we have been working on the field of artificial life for more than 15 years. Evolution of genetic codes, mutation rates and cooperative relationships were the main target of the first era of this lab. Then complexity of coupled cognitive systems were studied using dynamical recognizers and other recurrent neural (often embodied) systems. This was the second era.

Recently, we have entered the third era which is to construct artificial life in the real world. Any basic science can lead to innovative applications and Artificial life studies is no exception. In order to fruition the concepts developed through the study of artificial life, such as "autonomy", "enaction", "sustainability", and "evolvability", we have newly started several experimental and conceptual works, using chemical experiments, the internet web and some artworks.

2023.10 Paper will be out!

Atsushi Masumori and Takashi Ikegami. Spiking neural networks produce informational closure by stimulus avoidance, Biosystems, 104972 (2023).


2023.8.4 Evolution of Community Complexity Workshop


Place:  University of Tokyo, Komaba, 15-104
Time: 10:00-13:00

2023.7.23 Paper is out!

Chris Salter and  Takashi Ikegami. Sensing performance: from Balinese Character to Japanese androids, Theatre and Performance Design, 9(1-2), 91-111 (2023). (result of Dynamic Light funding, FRQSC)


2023.7.7 Paper is out!

Itsuki Doi, Weibing Deng and Takashi Ikegami. Spontaneous and information-induced bursting activities in honeybee hives. Sci Rep 13, 11015 (2023).