Art Projects

“傀儡神楽 ALTER the android KAGURA “, Shibuya Stream Hall (MUTEK TOKYO), Tokyo, 2020

Selected Art Works

「Alter3: Offloaded Agency」, AI: More Than Human. Barbican Centre. London, UK. May-September 2019. [more info]
「Alter」, Ars Electronica 2018, Lintz, Austria, 2018 (Award of Distinction of Ars Electronica) [
more info][youtube]

「Maria, Artificial Life, Membrane, Fish」Takumi Ueda + Takashi Ikegami, AOMORI Triennale, 2017

「Invisible City: Long Good-bye 」Kenshu Shitsubo + Takashi Ikegami, Northern Alps Art Festival、2017 [review]

「Mannequin Lecture」PARCO MUSEUM Tokyo, 2015 [exhibition info]

「Sound BookShelf」Aoyama Book Center, 2012
「Sensing the Sound Web」Gallery 7 Yaesu, 2012 [more info]
「Scratching the Sound Wall 」VACANT, 2011

「Rugged Time Scape」Kenshu Shitsubo + Takashi Ikegami, FOIL GALLERY, 2010 [more info]

「Mind Time Machine」Takashi IKegami, Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media, 2010 [more info] [youtube]

「filmachine」Keiichiro Shibuya+Takashi Ikegami, Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media, 2006 [more info]

「Taylor couette flow」Keiichiro Shibuya+Takashi Ikegami, Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media, 2007 [youtube]

「Description Instability」Keiichiro Shibuya+Takashi Ikegami, NTT InterCommunication Center, 2005 [more info] [youtube]

Collaborated Works

「Scary Beauty」with Keiichiro Shibuy, Miraikan Tokyo, 2018 [more info]

「Bird Song Diamond 2」 with Victoria Vesna, Tsukuba Large Space, 2016 [youtube]

「Life (Ku-wall)-no.6」 with Tatsuo Miyajima, 2014​ [media]

「Bird Song Diamond」 with Victoria Vesna, University of California, Los Angeles, 2014

「Swarm survives, continuing having me and release me」 with Miyuki Kawamura, Space 3331 Arts Chiyoda, 2011 [more info]