Construction of Mind Time Machine and Analysis of the Generated Subjective Time

The purpose of this project is to quantify system-specific generation times in artificial systems that accept diverse and multiple inputs, and to compare them to the subjective time flow of living systems. Specifically, we will actually construct a networked video feedback + deep learning system and analyze the dynamics of the time generated by the system.

Considering the difference between machine time and living time, we will experiment and consider that a single time line ( longitudinal )generated by a living system is born from a set of countless time lines of episodic memory (vertical ) , and implement it in a system called MTM=Mind Time Machine . The latent (Z) space created by MTM is a representation of the world as seen by the system. By analyzing the Z-space, , we aim to propose a new framework of the brain.

Takashi Ikegami, A Design for Living Technology: Experiments with the Mind Time Machine. Artificial Life, Summer/Fall 2013, Vol. 19, No. 3(4), pp. 387-400, 2013.